These would be confiscated from Tributes

Before The Potter Games start, tributes require preparation in order to ready them for the deadly challenges they'll be faced with in the arena.

They will be assigned a Mentor (i.e., Sirius Black, Severus Snape ...) who will coach them in preparaton for the Games and pre-Games interviews, as well as provide insightful advice and tips for the tributes to consider when inside the arena. Edit

Tributes are required to attend three days of training prior to the Potter Games. In Training, tributes may attend various stations where they can study a variety of skills - be it the Dark Arts, Edible Plants, Divination, or even Swordsmanship or Archery.Edit

Over the course of the week before tributes enter the Games, they will also be done up and interviewed by who else but Rita Skeeter for all of the magical world to see (Voldemort's taken a page out of the book of President Snow, obviously). Upon Interview Night's inevitable end, tributes are rushed to the Arena by dawn the next morning. All magical items in their possession - including wands - are confiscated. Said wands are placed into the Cornucopia, giving tributes the change to run for them when the gong sounds, or run and find shelter from the imminent bloodbath.Edit